July 2, 2018

Instead of moving my wrist all over the place, I can keep it stationary and move the ball around with my thumb and use my other fingers to click the buttons. Now I am searching for a new wired one. The only what happen with my one is that the three balls of the Bearings now more and more flatten and the ball slips deeper in its red transparent cradle and touch it inside. And then where will I be? I already tried to get such cradle as spare part, but without real success.

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That the current price of an unused Trackball Optical can reach several hundreds of dollars is only another jouse to how microsoft trackball optical mouse this Microsoft trackball was loved. There, I said it. I love it for gaming. I shipped it Aug.

Where Have All the Trackballs Gone?

The box has seen better days but is still complete. But I would never willingly use one if I had a trackball available.

The trackball still worked really well though. It actually fits my hand better than my Logitech although it is suffering from a lack of glide and a chip in the ball.

I have two laptops and one monitor so wanted to try and make lufe easier for me. Abdiel April microsoft trackball optical mouse, at 1: While some may need to change the bearing seats, it definitely is the trackball itself in this case.

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Thanks for your posts. Leave this field empty. Microsoft eventually opted to discontinue trackballs, too! If you have many scretches on MTO ball, you can always microsoft trackball optical mouse weak polishing agent f.

Using fingernails works fine.

Find optjcal shortly in the review…. My future grandchildren would have to listen to my endless rants about the way things could have been.

Microsoft Trackball Optical Mouse Specs – CNET

I found this place while searching for a way to improve the glide, but microsoft trackball optical mouse it seems to be a known issue without a really good known solution.

And then where will I be?

I microsoft trackball optical mouse two trackbal, and one monitor so wanted to try and make life easier for me. The Microsoft Trackball Optical has a beautiful red light surrounding the ball, which lights up more intensely when nouse move the ball.

I bought some used MTOs but most of them had the same problem. Thank you for the info. It is very encouraging to know that there is a viable option, should I decide to go ahead and make a change.

Are you a human?

Just take the reliability into consideration: If someone has a microsoft trackball optical mouse idea to repair it, I would be happy about.

Really need to pick up a backup before the prices get too insane. Gunk can build but on the pins that let the balls glide use a soft bristle tooth brush to clean it and if you must clean the ball I never have had too just use mineralized water if you must use microsoft trackball optical mouse fluid and a fine microfiber cloth like a shamwow their are similar products out there I use it to clean the buttons on mine!

Probably the greatest mouse ever to be created in my opinion! The MTO was the only trackball mouse with more than three buttons micrrosoft the market. I have looked up the costs of replacing it should it fail and was quite shocked at them.

He has a fetish for plastic and rubber. I cannot find these and my latest one just gave up this morning. Will any of the Logiteck ones fit? Goodbye Logitech, hello Microsoft!

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