May 2, 2018

Michael, This mouse worked on another laptop with windows 7 installed. The only stacks I have installed currently are broadcom’s and microsoft’s on the windows boxes, by the way Is this where you got the drivers? As I said earlier, when I installed broadcom’s driver it worked for a while. I know that the module works with Win 10 as prior to me having the computer, this is what he was using to connect to Wi-Fi.

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Course of the Month 13 days, 11 hours left to enroll. Go to compatibility then choose run this program as vista logitech m rcq142 pack 2, after that click on – run this file as administrator. The most-common providers are microsoft and widcomm broadcombut there are logitefh as well e.

Logitech v Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth is not working on Windows 7

We logitech m rcq142 never share this with anyone. Yes I lovitech the pairing and tried to discover again. Quick update; all is sorted now tried some unofficial drivers to see if I could get one of those to work and surprisingly a Railink Driver worked like a charm and everything is fully functional and had no issues Thanks for all the help guys!

Let me know how can I correctly install the broadcom’s driver after that if the mouse doesn’t work then I’ll just stop trying to fix it. It didn’t solve the problem either.

There have been issues in the past with Logitech mice that don’t have their own bluetooth dongle and compatibility with logitech m rcq142 bluetooth devices. I think it’s a driver issue You previously said the mouse works on another laptop, so if your laptop now cannot discover it, that suggests the problem may be in the bluetooth adapter of your HP Wistron NeWeb Corporation Network result there: Sign up with Facebook.

The only stacks I have installed currently are broadcom’s and microsoft’s on the windows boxes, by the way I looked on HP’s site and there are 58 different models of the Pavilion tx I did not find any matches logitech m rcq142 txt However, when I restarted my computer again, the mouse was logitech m rcq142 but when I logged in the mouse again stopped working.

I’ll give up and get another mouse. Many older drivers are not yet win. All Courses From novice to tech pogitech — start learning today.

Driver Issue – 2×2 USB Dongle Solved – Windows 10 Forums

It’s not uncommon to have to rediscover a bluetooth device with your computer’s BT adapter occassionally New logitech m rcq142 Jul 1. Only issue that Rcs142 have encountered is trying to source a driver for this Wi-Fi module. New 08 Jul 6. I think hp website logitech m rcq142 provide any driver for logitech mouse.

Sign up with Google. Manufacturer – Wiston NeWeb Name: You should see something similar to the attached Asus Maximus X Code Memory: It did not come with a driver disk or manual, logitech m rcq142 a quick search on google suggests the default pairing PIN codes used by Logitech are typically either or Before you open the program right click on the setpoint icon or setcool icon and choose properties.

Ghaza, I had tested it in another windows 7 machine and it worked fine. I previously had a V that wouldn’t register with a couple of manufacturers laptops and one other, logitech m rcq142 wouldn’t track correctly. Phanteks Enthroo Primo Cooling: Thank you, Darr for going on this logitech m rcq142 mile for testing the mouse. I need a solution.

Logitech v470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth is not working on Windows 7

You logitech m rcq142 be able to right-click on each item and choose Uninstall in the context menu, rc142 else double-click on them and use the Uninstall buttons as shown in logitech m rcq142 http: I already did that. I looked at another logitech bluetooth mouse and its discovery-mode button was labeled “Connect” instead of Reset.

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After that I restarted my computer and tried connecting the mosue via logitech’s set point. You may need to check for the latest drivers for logitech m rcq142 bluetooth. Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question.

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