May 3, 2018

Remove and reinstall print cartridge. POR several times Check each board for secure ground. The main motor assembly may need to be replaced. If cables, connectors and connections are good replace assemblies listed. The fuser can usually be removed with two simple screws and the entire assembly lifted out. Error Engine Flash. It is necessary to replace the fuser assembly, transfer roller, and charge roll at this interval to maintain the print quality and reliability of the printer.

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Replace Fuser Lexmark Fuser. System Board Pricing Request Quote. Duplex Cover Open Top cover of duplex unit is sensed open. Low voltage power supply cross over test failed.

Check the integrated paper tray, tray 1, for paper loading problems. It can also be the LVPS low voltage power supply or a fuse in the power supply on some models.

Make sure the memory lexmark optra se 3455 on the printout matches the installed memory. Replace the assys in the following order 1. lexmark optra se 3455

Requires further measurement The printhead laser scanner does not contain any serviceable parts. POR several times Lexmark optra se 3455 each board for secure ground. The thermistor provides feedback on the temperature of the fuser roller and when it fails, the fuser 34555 is shut off and the fuser does not heat up.

Check connecting cables for lexmark optra se 3455. Most cost effective solution is to replace the fuser Lexmark Fuser Pricing. Flash Full – Not enough flash memory for data requested to be stored. Duplex unit is installed but paper tray is not sensed.

The fuser can usually be removed with two simple screws and the entire assembly lifted out. Printhead Error – May have sub-codes. Paper is either not leaving lexmark optra se 3455 duplex entry sensor in time or not making or unmaking the duplex exit sensor in time.

Lexmark Printer Drivers

Thank you and your firm again, you were terrific. The heated roller is heated by opfra halogen lamp or in some cases a solid state ceramic heating element and is subject to failure. Remove and reinstall print cartridge. If the test fails, the disk is defective or the lexmark optra se 3455 on track1 is bad. I will have purchasing call in an order. Replace the Autocompensator Assy.

Check paper sensor flag for restricted movement or lexmark optra se 3455. If the error appeared lexamrk sending a job from the host to lexmar, printer, turn the printer off, then turn it on and try again.

Any help here would be appreciated too. Disk Full Not enough disk space for data that lexmark optra se 3455 been requested to be written to disk. Defective font card installed in font slot. Input Paper Sensor was not triggered – Paper may be jammed at the sensor. Make sure fuse is installed correctly, Verfy proper fuser sw being used. Remove jammed media How did we do? The main motor assembly may need to be replaced. Pay close attention to the area where the toner cartridge sits.

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Lexmark Fusers How did we do? Lexmark optra se 3455 time and money by servicing your own Lexmark printer Lexmark Laser Printer Error Codes Lexmark error codes may not apply equally to all models. Replacement of the thermistor is not a cost effective repair, replace fuser assembly.

Use caution when measuring AC voltages. Network Card Codes These user codes are documented in various network card user manuals. Thank you for the speedy shipment and response. The transfer roller is included in the maintenance kit. Check the wiring harness cable. Error code 31 is displayed when the top front cover is closed and a defective print cartridge is detected. Lexmark optra se 3455 printhead, system board or lexmark optra se 3455 cable. May require service technician Press “GO” to clear message and temporarily continue.

If the paper is not jammed in the duplex unit, then it may be jammed in the rear of the printer. Error Color Machines. Check the left and right transfer roll arm assembly to make sure it is fastened and locked in the down position if applicable to your machine.

The pin should enter the tower on the HVPS and depress the lexmark optra se 3455 switch. This error indicates the printer was able to read the cartridge ID, but the ID did not pass the verification test.

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Perform fuser service check. Check developer drive for worn, lexmmark or broken parts. Lexmark optra se 3455 product was delivered just a few minutes ago. Genuine Lexmark Supplies deliver superior image quality, while also producing higher volumes and reducing cost per page.

Tray is empty or not installed, paper jam in entry throat, or printer is requesting a manual feed.

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