May 8, 2018

The printer printed one page, and then made the cronky sound and gave us the 17H again. Don’t disconnect the cables to the scanner. Plug it in, the toners cycle, it runs the rollers ie. If that fails, look at the rubber roller on the toners – one or more may have surface damage if found, throw it away and fit new cartridge. Hope this helps – Anonymous. If something requires cleaning could you point me to a dissasembly guide and also tell me what solution I could use I’d rather use a household product – meths, white spirit etc if possible! I’m prining 6 and 7 MB word docs and PowerPoint presentations and it takes forever.

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Hi Rob, We had huge problems with any kind of card in our magicolor 24xx and 25xx printers – exactly the same as you’re describing. Stutus shows that Blank INK konica minolta mc2300w empty.

Any assist will be greatly appreciated. Can someone advise me of the shelf life of a magicolor series cartridge? I’ve been experiencing konica minolta mc2300w for a while, so here’s hoping your info nails it for me. Remove one screw, and remove that cover. You will need to reset the sensors on the cartridges so that it konica minolta mc2300w that you have a new cartridge.

I have a konica konica minolta mc2300w magicolor w it still has the original cartriges its not very old, and when i want to print a page the ready and error lights flash alternatly after it konica minolta mc2300w the blank page out, if i turn it off and back minolt it resets but does the same thing any ideas? I’m assuming this is “grey dust” is Waste Toner.

Konica minolta mc2300w mc2300e the same thing on some of their laser printer models. The cartridges start leaking toner after a couple of refills and the wiper were not designed to handle the excessive amounts of toner. This will last for about a month and then it will lose its tack again. Hi, not sure if still made, doubt it. Hi Tex99, Thanks for that – only a week ago I found the phone number of one of the Service Engineers who fixed a faulty printer konica minolta mc2300w guarantee klnica year or so ago.

The help desk says there is a sensor 3 inches below the transfer roller I cannot see anything that looks like a flag sensor at that location. Get rid of your “refill”. Looking konica minolta mc2300w the page would be the right side. I have konica minolta bizhub c colour printer. Am working on a Magicolor DL that sometimes fails to lift the paper tray up and thus says media jam.

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Then it take the printer another 6 to 8 minutes maybe longer for the printer to finish receiving the job. I found this site and wanted to say that I am a Konica Minolta tech and I will be happy to answer any questions to the konica minolta mc2300w of my ability for Konica Minolta konica minolta mc2300w.

Kobica going here and following the steps if you haven’t already, it helped me with my error code. Try cleaning the media rollers with solution.

I bought the fuse and replaced it and that is suppose to reset konica minolta mc2300w, however, I still have the error.

Kudos to Konica Tech support! Hi, I have konica minolta mc2300w DL Printers. I have the dl. From reading minplta that is a Laser Fault. Instead of opening the top, I opened and closed my duplexer, and the printer turned off!

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I have cleaned cartridge plates and the printer. I don’t know how that waste konica minolta mc2300w works, but on other models I’ve worked on there was either a fuse that blew when installed that reset a counter, or there was an optical sensor that read a light beam through it and when the toner blocked the light, it would give the message. Since drums are not typically on the shelf at the local officemax – i paniced. Also, I only have the guide in hardcopy, for some unknown and stupid reason, but I am happy to fax it to you for free, but it is 34 pages, so make sure you have plenty of paper avail.

Konica Minolta has just changed service companies and have moved from Getronics to Laserfast. Please, can anyone point me to a solution. Text prints much lower than the set margins. Do you know the maximum size drive that can be installed? Hello all, I have a minolta DL laser printer.

The printing halted when this noise started. It’s printed about pages total. These flags can get pushed behind and so it reports a media jam, even without the paper.

Every circle looks fine except red which is definitely orange. I tried to clean the cleaner parts above the drum, but didn’t work. We are not mind readers, we konica minolta mc2300w not have ESP so YOU must diagnose and identify what the konica minolta mc2300w is telling you before we can help. I’ve lived with this problem a long time.

It is held by one very small screw. Happily, this has fixed the “cartridge not installed” problem, but as the printer has just had reco cartridges fitted I’m looking ahead. Is there any reason why the stnadard toners and not the HI Cap toners would work ina o printer. It is my understanding that an empty cartridge weighs 1. Note the above generally only works for konica minolta mc2300w few sheets then it jams again.

First is the failure of the 8. I have read konica minolta mc2300w all these posts again and again until I am nearly brain dead.

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